Through our business model, we fulfil our objective to deliver sustainable shareholder value by providing high-quality environmental infrastructure and customer services.

  1. What we do...
  2. ...strengths we rely on
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  4. create value

We transform waste into energy, high quality recyclates and raw materials.


We provide water and wastewater services in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.


We provide water retail services covering all business customers’ water management needs.

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Our values


We do the right thing for our customers and stakeholders


We forge strong relationships, working together to make a positive impact


We keep our promises to our customers, communities and each other


We are always looking for new ways to improve and make life better

Our strengths

The best people

The talent, commitment and hard work of our people is the foundation of our success. As a responsible employer, we are focused on employee retention, training and development, productivity and, above all, an unwavering commitment to health, safety and wellbeing.

Environmental stewardship

We invest in the maintenance and improvement of our services, operations and assets and constantly seek more sustainable ways of working to protect, enhance and reduce our impact on the natural environment.

Effective governance

A strong governance framework provides oversight and support to Group businesses including robust decision‑making and performance management processes.

Well managed risk

Comprehensive and fully embedded risk management processes assist us in identifying and managing risks and opportunities to deliver the Group’s strategy and objectives.

High quality assets

We invest in the construction of world-class facilities and plants that use state-of-the-art technology. We engage the best people to maintain and operate our fleet of assets, to ensure we always maximise returns.

Efficient financing

The strength of our proposition, and investor confidence in our performance and reputation, means we are well funded with efficient long-term financing.

Strong relationships with our suppliers

We work closely with our suppliers and take the steps necessary to ensure their performance meets our expectations. We expect them to uphold our standards, align with our policies, protect human rights and promote good working conditions.

  1. Leadership in UK water and waste

    Leadership in UK water and waste

    We aim to lead in the water and waste sectors by capitalising on Group strengths, capabilities, best practice and synergies and achieving the right balance between risk and reward.

  2. Leadership in cost base efficiency

    Leadership in cost base efficiency

    We are focused on driving down overheads and operating in the most efficient way to minimise costs.

  3. Driving sustainable growth

    Driving sustainable growth

    We actively seek opportunities to invest for growth, whether through investment to increase our asset portfolio, initiatives to expand our customer base or partnerships with other organisations.


85 Best ever customer service score for South West Water(1)


+8.3% Earnings per share increased to 50.9p(2)


14,379 Formal training days recorded for employees


98% 140 bathing waters out of 143 classified as 'sufficient' or better(3)


1.4m Tonnes of waste materials recycled
  • (1) As measured by the service incentive mechanism (SIM).
  • (2) Before non-underlying items and deferred tax.
  • (3) 107 beaches (75%) classified as 'excellent'.